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Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance

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Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance (CERA) is a non-profit 501c organization, dedicated to caring for abused, neglected, and/or abandoned equines. CERA will also take in horses that are unwanted or whose current owners are unable to care for them before they reach an emaciated condition.  These situations must fall within the CERA guidelines. 

We will also assist in natural disasters, such as weather related issues or individual tragedies. We will provide equines with proper medical and farrier care, in addition to good quality grain, hay, and water. Equines are then rehabilitated and placed in approved, caring and loving homes.

Animal owners can also apply for assistance for help with their horses. Grants will be awarded if we have the funds/supplies to do so, and will be on a case by case basis. We will provide what we can to keep your horses safe and cared for during your time of need the best we can. We know that this economy is bad and the prices of animal feed and hay has risen to an all time high! If you need help.... PLEASE ASK. Many people are trying to rehome their animals, be it horses, dogs or cats as well as farm animals. We network with many organizations and individuals and may be able to help.


CERA believes that education is the foundation for equines to have a proper home. We therefore offer educational classes for both, law enforcement, and animal control agencies. In addition, we set up classes for new and existing horse owners that will be taught with the help of qualified clinicians. Participants in our classes are able to have hands on education with several different breeds and ages of horses.

Every week, we receive heart-breaking calls, not only about senior, blind or medically challenged horses, but also regarding young, sound horses that are looking for placement. These horses have no way of understanding why their home and their people are suddenly gone. CERA's horses will always receive the same high quality care from us, as well as a continuing concern for their lifelong welfare. Our obligation to the horses is for life, even if they cannot be placed into a new home. We want to make sure we will always be there for them, so that they may live the remainder of their lives in safety and dignity. 

It takes compassion and concern of many individuals to reach out to equines in need and we are deeply indebted to those who have done so. Thanks to your support, we will be able to continue to provide rehabilitation and a safe haven for rescued horses. As you explore this website, you will find that there are many ways - big and small - you can get involved and make a real difference in the lives of these magnificent animals. Visitors are always welcome. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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