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Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance

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Sweaters for CERA
Check out
these beautiful, hand-made sweaters for sale to help the horses! A good Samaritan has offered to make these with all the proceeds to be donated to CERA. Available in any custom color combination and size for only $45.00. Please email to order yours!

Cowboy Cookout Fundraiser & Silent Auction 2015

We could never begin to express just how grateful we are for your amazing generosity. The cookout fundraiser was a huge success! We have been truly blessed to know so many wonderful and giving people. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help us keep the horses healthy and safe, your generosity and support have been what has kept us going while being dragged down by the many expenses. Caring for these horses is financially taxing and we are always in need of funding for feed, medical, farrier care, suppliers, hay and services. Thank you seems insufficient but “THANK YOU” nonetheless! Your generosity makes a world of difference for the horses.

Thank You Supporters!

We would like to thank all those who
voted for Dwain's photo during the annual ANI/NIA Member Photo Contest. Thanks to your votes, we finished in the top then and won $100. To learn more about the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, please visit

Special Visitors at the Farm

On Monday, January 19, 2015 Wingate students came to the farm for Martin Luther King Day. For the past five years, these young adults have helped with farm chores, raking leaves, cleaning chicken pens and grooming and brushing the horses. Thank you all who came out to help.


CERA T-Shirts for Sale

We are selling t-shirts with our new logo for $15.00 each. Many colors available, blue, red, pink, yellow and grey. If you are interested in buying one of these, please contact us.

Meet Shyloh & Tressa

CERA adopted two nurse mare fillies on April 6th, 2014. The black foal is Shylo. She is very outgoing, friendly and curious. The tan filly is Tressa. She is very laid back, cautious and stays glued to Shylo. These babies require special bedding, milk, supplements, vet exams... not to mention A LOT of attention. PLEASE... will you consider donating for the sake of these precious babies? If you are unfamiliar with the nurse mare industry, please watch the video below. Unfortunately this is the time of year when there are too many foals and not enough homes for them. Thanks for your continued support. We couldn't make it without your help. Please click HERE to see some pictures from our baby shower fundraiser. Update: As of 2015, both fillies have found new wonderful homes.


CERA featured in the "Enquirer Journal"
CERA was featured in Monroe's "Enquirer Journal" on Sept. 8, 2013. Please click on the link below to read the entire article:


Equine Non-Profit Network NC visits CERA
On Sunday, March 10th, Kelsey Sullivan came to the farm to meet CERA president, Darlene Kindle, the horses and interview some of the volunteers as part of an exciting new project. Kelsey is currently pursuing her M.A. in Interactive Media at Elon University. For her thesis, she is creating an interactive website to unite North Carolina's horse related nonprofit organizations, called Equine Non-Profit Network NC. There are at least 95 organizations including rescues, therapeutic riding centers, racehorse rehoming organizations, equine assisted learning/equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP/EAL) and preservation nonprofits.

While each has its own unique vision, clients and goals, Kelsey is hoping that the website will help to foster communication and collaboration, which will ultimately benefit the horses. The project is multifaceted and will include interactive maps, photos, videos and resource databases. Please visit  Kelsey's Facebook page for the project, to learn more.  There is also a blog that is tracking Kelsey's progress, Below is a little video clip Kelsey put together after her visit to the farm: 

CERA awarded Free Vaccines
On Friday, March 2nd, CERA received a letter from AAEP, American Association of Equine Practitioners. CERA had applied for the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign to receive spring vaccinations. We have been awarded 3 vaccines for 10 horses. Thank you, AAEP! 

Feedback from some of our fabulous Volunteers
We love helping at the CERA farm, because it is so fun. We love helping and taking care of the animals. They are all very special and it is great knowing that we're helping all of them. It is fun because you have many different tasks to do. The animals will entertain you and are very fun to play with. We love coming to the farm! It's the highlight of our day. - Kennedy, Taylor and Toni

Shelter for the Horses
In 2012, CERA was approved for a $3,500 grant from the ASPCA for a run-in shelter for our middle pasture. Several horses have been benefiting from this shelter and we want to thank the ASPCA for giving these horses protection during inclement weather. 

Kind Notes from our Supporters

Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance (CERA) has been a vital part of the OCS program here at Forest Hills High School. In 2010 CERA partnered with FHHS by opening their doors to help our students prepare themselves for life after high school. CERA has provided our students an opportunity to have a work site that allows them to work in a great environment, learn workplace behavior, understand the demands of a daily work schedule and build healthy relationships. The State Board of Education approved the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) for select students with educational disabilities.The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team will decide which dynamic of the OCS is the most appropriate diploma route for each individual student.The OCS curriculum upholds high standards. CERA has provide FHHS a curriculum which prepares students to be competent, dependable employees and independent, responsible adults. Successful completion of the OCS requirements allows students to apply for jobs that require a high school diploma. ~ Chris Thomas, Forrest Hills High School

CERA has been a blessing and an inspiration to consumers with mental health and developmental disabilities.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing individuals with deficits, learn how to care and nurture animals.  Working with horses and all sorts of animals on the farm have taught them how to socialize with others in a positive manner.  CERA has also taught children/adolescents how to develop interpersonal skills.  It is truly an honor to be able to utilize the farm and the Equine animals to teach unconditional love. Mrs. Darlene is truly a supportive and loving being whom have opened up her heart to children/adolescents needing additional support.  I am truly fortunate to have experienced the love and dedication that Ms. Darlene shows towards children and animals. 
LaTarsha Sargent  LCAS-A MA/QP
DayMark Recovery Services