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Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance

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Most of the horses listed below are permanent residents at CERA. We love them and care for them and they may be undergoing rehabilitation or have special needs that would not be helped by moving them from home to home. Some may be too young to adopt, while others may be too old.

Each of our permanent residents may be sponsored for any monthly amount. We will keep you updated on the progress and everyday life of your sponsored horse via emails at your request. Sponsorship helps us to properly care for these wonderful animals. Your sponsorship assists us in purchasing nutritious hay and alfalfa, grain, pellets, medicine if needed, vitamins, hoof care, veterinary care, wormers, vaccinations, etc. Sponsorship is a great outlet for you to put your arms around an animal that really needs you. You will also get the never ending love of your baby!

If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting one of our wonderful horses, please
email Darlene and let her know which horse you are interested in. You are also welcome to visit, by appointment, and bring your horse treats, brush them, etc.  

All contributions are tax-deductible under section 170  of the IRS code.  We accept donations via PayPal or you may send a check, whichever you prefer.

I guess it is true what they say that you can't miss something you've never had. You see, I'm blind in both eyes. I was born that way, and so I have no idea what it is like to see or have been able to see. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, or ask that you feel sorry for me. I would much rather you feel proud of me. I am now 32 years old and I think that is an accomplishment in itself. 

I live a very happy life at CERA, where they love me, care for me and most importantly, accept me as I am. To watch me in the pasture you would not know I'm blind or a senior. We do have a routine here and that makes things more comfortable. As long as I know what is going on, and where I am headed, I don't get too nervous. Although I am blind, I enjoy to be petted and loved on just like the others. 

I'm a special and beautiful lady, will you sponsor me? 

I am Oscar, but most people just call me "Grandpa." People are guessing that I am a Tennessee Walker cross and I have lost count of how old I am. 

Life was good when I was a companion horse for a younger fellow, but one day we both ended up at CERA. My younger buddy was very adoptable and found a home pretty quickly - me on the other hand...  Well, let's just say that I'm here to stay for good. Most folks are not interested in adopting a senior fellow like me who has no teeth left and walks like a snail.

I found a new buddy here, his name is George and he's a goat. We're always together and roam the property together. George takes care of me and I really enjoy his company and when I'm in the pasture, being the only man in a herd of girls isn't such a bad life either. My feed is expensive, because I have lost most of my teeth.

Would you please sponsor me? 



I am Duncan and once was a race horse. Most people refer to me as an OTTB, an "off the track" Thoroughbred. My racing days are long gone and because I am now blind, the nice folks at CERA have allowed me to live out my days at the farm. They say that horses have a sixth sense and that couldn't be more true for horses that are blind, because the one who took care of me when I first came to the farm and was really scared, was no other than Sassy who has been blind from birth. Talk about the blind leading the blind...

Anyway, that old gal Sassy has become my best friend and I can't imagine life without her. The people at CERA have taken really good care of me and I'm starting to feel more safe, well except during thunderstorms. I just really don't like them.

I would love to have a sponsor, would you please consider? 


My name is Tony and I like to show off for the camera! I am a 4-month-old black and white Paint colt. I still have some growing to do, but will be available for adoption in 2016. Meanwhile, I would love for someone to visit and sponsor me. UPDATE: I am now a year old and AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Please email  

Hey do you remember Loretta Lynn? No, I'm not here, but my name is Loretta and I do sing. You should hear me belt out the tunes when dinner is being served.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm really a donkey, mixed in with all the horses here at CERA. They feed me with the others, they care for me as I'm one of the others. I'm petted and given attention just like there is no difference between me and the others. Now that's a cool thing!

I am 12 years old and coming to CERA, I was a bit nervous, but Mare-Mare took me in, showed me that everything was ok and everything was going to be great. Mare-Mare is my best friend and I seem to be her new purpose in life. 

CERA too has a purpose and it is to take care of us, the forgotten, the ones no longer wanted or needed. Will you help CERA fulfill their purpose, please sponsor or donate... it is tax deductable. 


I am Beethoven, a 6-month-old Quarter Horse cross and as you can see in the photo on the right, I was in pretty bad shape when I came to CERA along with my pasture mate Bach. I was in need of a lot of groceries, vet care and nutrition. Unfortunately, I lost my Mom when I was born, thank God Bach was there and took me under his wings. 

Thanks to CERA, I'm feeling a lot better now and they say, I'm quite handsome! I love to be around people and will follow them around everywhere. Of course, I also made a new friend in Tony, the Paint and we've become best buddies.

I am very lovable and will be available for adoption in 2016. Meanwhile I would love for someone to sponsor me, as I still have a lot of growing to do. UPDATE: I am now a year old, have been gelded and I'm AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Please email if interested. 


I am Princess, I am 26 years old and live at CERA. People tried hard to catch me, well I didn't make it easy for them!

I had no idea they were trying to help me, I just knew they were after me. It took some doing, but they caught me, brought me to CERA and with a lot of patience and understanding from the people at the farm and some learning and understanding on my part, I have now arrived at a place where I feel safe and cared for. 

I am still a bit selective as to who or how many people I let near me, but I promise, I will try to get better. I am learning that being around people can be a good thing. 

Will you be my buddy and sponsor me please?


My name is Pumpkin, a little short and a little round, but not orange and I don't live in a pumpkin patch.  

CERA has been my home since 2009 where the people take great care of me and others that have had a tough life. 

Once I get to know you I am one of the best ponies you can meet, but I do have a slight problem trusting people until I get to know them. You just have to be patient and let me get to know you.

I do enjoy being petted, loved on, and I love cookies or treats! I have a friend “Princess”  and we hang out together all the time. I’m not sure if I am her body guard or if she is mine, but we are a pair, when you see one you see the other.

Hope's Promise

I am
Hope and I am CERA's newest rescue. I was in pretty bad shape when I came to CERA. I am still in need of a lot of groceries, vet care and nutrition, but thanks to CERA, I'm on my way to being healthy again. I've had a pretty rough life and somehow ended up at Animal Control where I just wanted to die. Thankfully, the nice lady at CERA bailed me out and I couldn't have asked for a nicer place, this farm is beautiful and I made a lot of new friends. I still have a ways to go, so please consider donating towards my care or sponsoring me.